Edited by our Communications Committee, Chicago’s Monthly Burning Man Newsletter is chock full of information about both official B.U.R.N. events and projects, as well as other Burning Man-related area happenings. The Lantern comes out toward the very end of the month, every month. Older versions of the Lantern can be found here. Here’s this month’s edition.

The Lantern::6.30.12::Community Grant Salon Dinner Edition

Ahoy Mateys!

Dang, was Lakes of Fire a wonderful experience this year or what? It was awesome to see so many Chicago Burners, and in fact folks from all over the upper midwest, the Great Lakes Region, and the world! Mad props and much gratitude to the ginormous team of motivated individuals (moties) who make that event a reality. It was really one for the ages!

Here’s what’s up in this month’s Lantern!

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~~**)'(**~~ OTHER B.U.R.N. UPDATES! ~~**)'(**~~
* DECOMPRESSION 2012 – Get Involved!
* NEWBIE NIGHT & JULY MEET’N’GREET – Wednesday July 25th, 7:30 P.M., Chicago Arts Dept. West – 1732 W. Hubbard

~~**)'(**~~ NON-B.U.R.N. UPDATES! ~~**)'(**~~
* Great Lakes C.O.R.E. Project Gourmet Dinner – Thursday, July 12, 6:30 P.M. -2712 Albany Ave – Logan Square – $65

Any community member with an idea to present to the Steering Committee is welcome to contact the Regional Contacts at Our next Steering Committee meeting is TENTATIVELY set for approximately 7:00 P.M. on Tuesday, July 10th, 2012.

Send us your thoughts, ideas, comments, questions:

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~~**)'(**~~ TODAY’S FEATURE! ~~**)'(**~~

6:30 P.M.
Eco – West Pilsen
(email civicgrants AT boldurban DOT org for exact location)

Hello Community!

On Wednesday July 18th, we invite you to come break bread with us at Eco, and make a difference as a key participant in our brand new Community Grant Program! We have received several proposals for outstanding Chicago-based civic projects, and four selected applicants will give ten-minute presentations about their proposals. Entrance to the Salon is $5, which buys you a plate for a delicious dinner (lovingly prepared by Edible Alchemy) and makes you eligible to vote for the project you think is worthy of receiving a grant of up to $1,000.

The Salon opens at 6:30pm and the presentations begin at 7:30pm. After presentations we feast on amazing food, and voting begins. At 9:00pm your votes will be tallied and the microgrant will be presented to the winning project!

This program is a collaboration between Burners Without Borders-Chicago and the Bold Urban Renaissance Network (BURN). It engages grassroots programs being run in Chicago or by Chicagoans. Microgrants will help fund community projects that engage residents, produce direct action, create collaborations between different groups,utilize several of the 10 Burning Man Principles, and creatively tackle problems. Microgrants can be used for sustainable projects such as Neighborhood Cleanup, purchasing extra supplies for a homeless backpacking project, funding a community kitchen or at-risk kids’ tutoring program.

The Microgrant Salon serves a variety of purposes in a single evening:
– networking and the development of a shared vision
– sharing the table
– theater and immersion
– a means of participatory democracy
– a frame of reference for communities to connect and bond
– a setting for dynamic conversation and debate
– a chance to make a difference

Please contact with any questions, including the location of the dinner salon.

Do your part to help make amazing things happen in Chicago!! Your vote will make a difference!

-The Chicago Community Grant Committee-
Christopher Breedlove, Monica Storch, Maggie Sather


B.U.R.N. Community Grants Team

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Wednesday, July 25th
7:30 P.M.
Chicago Arts Dept. West
1732 W. Hubbard

Every year B.U.R.N. hosts a special gathering for Chicago-area burners who are going for the first time, and would like to learn more information.

This year’s Newbie Night will double as July’s Meet’n’Greet, and Newbies, Oldbies, and In-betweenbies are welcome to join us for a night of important information, and fun, hosted by our friends at the
Chicago Arts Department.

Got questions? Come on by!
Think you can answer questions? Come on by!
Don’t have specific questions but going for the first time? Come on by!

This meeting will be both information and social, so by all means, join us for an evening of important Burning Man info and FUN at the Chicago Arts Department. See you there!

B.U.R.N. SteeringComm
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Fall 2012

Planning for Decompression 2012 is already underway. If you’ve got ideas, thoughts, or just want to get involved, this is the PERFECT time to do so!

Our next Decompression meeting is on Wednesday, July th, 2012, at 7:30 P.M. To get location details or get involved, email Decompression Co-Lead Downtown Dave at downtowndave23 AT gmail.

Fill out the theme poll here, and make your voice heard!

B.U.R.N. Event Committee
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Thursday, July 12th
7:00 P.M.
2712 N. Albany Avenue in Logan Square
all proceeds support Great Lakes CORE and The 21st Century Unlimited: A Kargo Kult Production
tickets available here:

Tickets Still Available for a Gourmet Locally-Sourced Dinner to

Support GL CLORE!

Summer’s luscious bounty is a wonderful opportunity for a gourmet dinner under the stars! We couldn’t think of a more wonderful, festive and intimate way to celebrate a summer evening while enjoying an amazing dinner crafted by our own talented team.

We’re going as local as we can for this event: hosted in our own lovely yard, many of the ingredients will be coming sun kissed straight from our own garden, while all the rest will be sourced from our own community co-op, Edible Alchemy.

on the menu:
We’re starting with the star of summer in the Great Lakes: Chilled Sungold Bisque, a lovely soup derived from heirloom golden tomatoes. The creamy deliciousness will be finished with a garlicky chive and basil dressing and accompanied with baguette toasts. Following that, we’re bringing fresh farm greens front and center with an accent of grilled peaches and prosciutto from Iowa’s La Quercia Farms – as close as you can get to Italian prosciutto without leaving the Midwest. After that, we’re reviving a dish that Tai learned while translating cooking courses in Tuscany: steam-wilted tomatoes and basil over hand made tagliatelle. And what’s summer without ratatouille? Our version will feature roasted zucchini, carrots and eggplant, playing host to a beautifully grilled Copper River Salmon. And how to finish all of this off? Another showcase of the best we have to offer: a peach and cherry clafoutis with home made lavender cream cheese ice
cream, drizzled with local honey. Mmmmmmm……

:::the fine print:::
Vegetarian options available; Allergies accommodated as possible
~please advise when purchasing tickets~
BYOB – visit Scott at Fine Wine Brokers in Lincoln Square for pairing suggestions
limited availability determined in order of ticket sales
please RSVP by purchasing a ticket before July 10, 2012
final menu may be adjusted based on market availability – we want to be sure to bring you the finest, most delicious food available in our wonderful region

questions: 773-844-0372 or find us on Facebook at Great Lakes CORE
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. . . more info . . . .

BURNING MAN CHICAGO STEERING COMMITTEE a.k.a. SteeringComm – is a diverse, volunteer-based group of Chicago Burners who take an active role in supporting and growing Burner culture in the Chicago area. We have various sub-committees that specialize in:

* B.U.R.N., NFP Art Grants
* Events :: Decompression, WeBurn Art Shows, and more!!
* Monthly Meet ‘n’ Greets
* Communications (Websites, the Lantern)
* Biz Team (B.U.R.N. NFP board members)
* Burners Without Borders/Community Grants Program

Bold Urban Renaissance Network is a Not For Profit (NFP) organization that fosters community growth through art, grassroots projects, and civic collaborations. We seek to create, display, and support interactive arts and civic participation that inspire action and connect people by moving them from passive spectators to creative participants. We believe this inspires positive creative change in the participants and in the wider community.

Want to get more involved with the Steering Committee and B.U.R.N? We’ve always got something to do! If you’re interested in the do-ocracy and want to be a positive catalyst in the vibrant and growing Chicago Burner Community, participate! “We welcome and respect the stranger. No prerequisites exist for participation in our community.”

Email Or just go here!

Any community member with an idea to present to the Steering Committee is welcome to contact the Regional Contacts at Our next Steering Committee meeting is set for 6:00 P.M. on Tuesday, July 10th, 2012.

Send us your thoughts, ideas, comments, questions:

B.U.R.N., NFP –
BurningManChicago Social Network –
Facebook Group –
BwB-Chicago Facebook –

See you soon – that’s all we got!!


Your friends at the Lantern
B.U.R.N. Communications Team