Decomp 2017 is Freecomp! That's right, Chicago's Official Decompression is a free event by, of and for the entire Chicago Burning Man community! And we mean the *entire* Chicago Burning Man community. We want to bring all the tribes together!

The date (Saturday, September 23rd) and location (The Wildlife Reserve at 415 N. Sangamon) are locked in. Beyond, that, it's a big, blank canvas on which you Burners can do that thing you do. Do that thing, Burners!

Want to bring your art? Bring it!

Want to spin your fire or lights! Spin 'em!

Want to dance? Oh, you better believe you're gonna dance.

Want to gather together with hundreds or your friends and community members you just haven't had a chance to make friends with yet and celebrate everything that being a Burner entails? That's what Decompression is all about.

It's free. It's all ages (until 10pm). It's BYOEverything. It's Decomp/Freecomp.

[Call-outs for art, fire/flow performers and more coming soon.]

The Afterburn report for Chicago Decompression 2011 is available at

The Financial report for Chicago’s Decompression Events 2010-2013 are available here:
2010 – 2013 – BURN Decompression Historic Income and Expense Report

The Financial report for Chicago’s Decompression 2014: CROSSROADS can be found here: