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Art Grant Policies

Art Grant Policy for 2018

  • The BURN art grant budget is based upon a percentage of BURN’s previous year’s net income.
  • Awarded art projects must adhere to the detailed production schedule. Artists will work with a Project Director to assist them through the process.
  • Grants are intended to cover materials and transportation. They are not intended to cover labor costs.
  • Funding requests for renovations of past projects can also be submitted.
  • No funds will be dispersed without a signed contract between BURN and the artist, and a signed IRS W-9 Form
  • Funded artists will need to provide the BURN Art Grant Committee and their Project Director with progress reports at each milestone as detailed in their contract.
  • Disbursement of a percentage of each grant (tbd per project), will be given to each artist at the outset of their project. In turn, the artist agrees to provide the Art Grant Committee with receipts equal to or greater than the initial payment in order to receive additional funds (if applicable).
  • Artists must create the proposed art project within the time frame stipulated in their application.
  • Funded art projects must appear at one or more events well attended by BURN supporters – to be specified in the contract. These include, but are not limited to: BURN-sponsored events (including B.U.R.N. Burn, Decompression, and Dust-Off), Resonate, Lakes of Fire, Burning Man, Burners without Borders activities, etc.
  • Artists should indicate whether their project can be taken elsewhere.
  • There will be additional judging points for taking the piece to additional locations.
  • Detailed receipts greater than or equal to the final grant installment amount must be submitted within 30 days of the last grant disbursement.
  • Artists must provide photos and a short follow-up report, as well as sign a release for publicity purposes.
  • Artist must return funds if project is not completed.
  • The artist is free to sell their BURN grant-awarded artwork in accordance with the following stipulations:
    1. The phrase “Funded in part by Bold Urban Renaissance Network NFP” should appear on any and all promotional materials in relation to any publication of or public showing of the awarded work, even after its sale.
    2. The awarded work will be made available to BURN after sale for presentation at BURN-related events upon request; collectors’ names will be included in any promotional materials “From the private collection of ________” along with “Funded in part by Funded in part by Bold Urban Renaissance Network NFP.”
  • Grant reviews require a minimum of five (5) committee members per review round. The final round will be judged by a Select Guest Juror.
  • IRS 1099 forms will be filed for those receiving at least $600 in one year. Artists are responsible for reporting income and deducting expenses.

Who We Are

Bold Urban Renaissance Network, a Illinois not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation, began operation in July of 2009.

It was created to present, support, enable, and network communities of artists and aspiring artists in mixed media, fashion, music, dance, performance, sculpture, photography, and video.  It is inclusive and open to all members of society.  Network is a key word. Bold Urban Renaissance Network seeks to network artists to other artists, potential audiences, opportunities for charitable action, resources and funding.

One of our primary duties is to raise money, and then give it away for art, through our Art Grants Committee.

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“Decomp” Planning

We hold an Urban Decompression event as a community every last Saturday in September. We are looking for people who are interested in helping plan the event as far as logistics and lineup. We have an email list and semi-regular meetings.