2018 Winners

Dancing Forest by Sam Cooler                                                                                                              We aspire to facilitate fluid, free-flowing nonverbal communication and simple genuine interactions. We’re inspired by the fluid energy of creatures in forests, cells and networks, and how they come together to form a greater whole. We’re fascinated by wind-shaken tree trunks, blissful group dancing, gymnastic exuberance. We built a piece that is fun, big, sturdy but flexible, visually interesting to observe, and engages old friends and new in active participation. We want to climb and bounce and swing and play. This is an art that dances with you. Vertical poles facilitate horizontal interaction; they act as center points of rotation in a vector field. Moving one moves the others, and communicates vibration and oscillation through personal and physical links.

Disco Turtle by Ryan McAdam and BenmeR                                                                               Turtles do like to dance, or at least the light up when dance music happens. I’ve seen it! It is also not nice to hang a turtle from the ceiling, so this Turtle Disco Ball  sits on the ground near the Lodge and lights up to the sounds of the Music performed.

Green Illumination by Doug Peters                                                                                                       The large outdoor art installation of Brilliantly Blooming Woods helps transform outdoor areas into magical, visually stimulating spaces, both day & night. Green Illumination seeks to transform these Burning Man art installs into safe & sustainable lighted works with a simple portable power station (battery & controllers) & flexible solar panel charger.

Junicorn’s Shell Shining Station by Julia Rochholz                                                                              Ever engaged with illuminating inner beauty through outer expression. A plethora of body painting materials and accessories to share with everyone. This space is to be interactive with materials. We all need a little shell shine now and again!

Pyrobox by Matthew Waugh                                                                                                                      The Pyrobox is a 3D fire/sound visualizer. Propane is pumped into the box through the holes in the bottom of the box and ignited when it comes out of the holes in the top. The holes on the sides of the box connect to two pipes at the end of which are speakers both of which are sealed with rubber. The speakers play music into the box which compress and expand the gas according to the frequency of the sound and result in compression and expansion of the flames coming out of the top of the box. The flames will dance and move with the music.

Memento Serenous Extension by Niklas Gahm                                                                                  A burn is a peak of Eristic Energies as we are swept up in the delightfully energetic cavalcade of art, with rare moments of self-preservation and calmness at the temple. But what if we could collectively generate a sound or collection of sounds that center us in the non-silence? SINGING BOWLS. SO MANY SINGING BOWLS

Shattered World View by Gavin Miller                                                                                                Inspired by the random patterns and light distortion created by cracking and breaking of glass, I created a framed, two-sided installation for viewing the chaos of fractures, and the distortion of objects seen through the installation. The piece is illuminated by sunlight during the day, and self powered/illuminated at night.

Condo Lobra by Lauren Robinson 


2016 Winners

Belin by 
Bringing the flames of the Inferno along for the ride, Belin comes roaring from the abyss! The product of collaboration and pure, unadulterated evil, this undead beast is ready to fill the night with trickery and mayhem. Don’t worry about finding her – Belin and the Fuse Girls will find you…

The Vulcanel by Kurt Feuer and the League of Troubled Souls

dcbbq by Devin Breen
BBQ is art. The dcbbq feeds the LoF community delicious smoked BBQ, inspires and educates LoF participants in the
BBQ arts, and create a platform for participants to create their own smokey deliciousness to share. The kitchen is where we gather to nourish our bodies and be together. The hearth is where we warm ourselves. Food has an incredible power to unite people, as it’s something we all have in common, and all enjoy. We seek to facilitate community through the shared enjoyment of food.

Xtreme Vibratronics by Gordon Kummel

Rhombunctious by Colin O’Keefe
RhomBunctious is a fun, interactive playa structure that brings the geometric beauty of the golden ratio to life. Straight from the notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci, this installation provides a visual, tactile, and interactive environment for burners to inhabit, climb, and lounge upon. This archimedean solid is made of 18 squares and 8 triangular faces which combine to create a complex and beautiful geometry. Each component is a modular unit, assisting in construction as well as aesthetic beauty. The module parameters are based upon a human-scale, the square’s width corresponding to the length of a human’s shoulder width and the height corresponding to a human’s wingspan. The RhomBunctious’ human relatability will demonstrate the way the divine proportion dictates a human’s anatomy, creating a stunning example of anatomical beauty dictating the scale of the architectural form.

Distorted Views by Laura Bienz

2015 Winners

Chiromancy by Matt Fusello

Gaudy Guppy by Eric Branson

Cap’n Nemo’s Flaming Circus

Our primary goal has been to bring theater through fire – interacting with the crowd, creating ways that people can particapate and play with fire and with our carnival. More than that, it’s an opportunity for us and the audience to explore what can be done by combining poofers with technology and carnies. But perhaps best of all is our desire to inspire people – to see and be a part of magic in our everday lives. In our off hours, we’ve been working towards offering different kinds of classes, starting with welding, to help teach and inspire others.

There will be many flame-based carnival games, arrayed along a midway. We’ll have flaming Skeeball, two dif-
ferent flaming bean-bag games, life-sized operation, the he-man classic High Striker, and hope to add a new wheel of chance, flaming Whack-A-Mole, and a grand new entryway. Games will be attended by Carnies and Barkers, engaging the crowd to step up and play!

KaelidoSoul by Sasha Vu

Burner Exchange Program by Richard “Heyu” Kelley

Painted Photo Booth by Elizabeth Love

2014 Winners

Hellmouth Gate by Kurt Feuer and the League of Troubled Souls

Art.i.tecture by Thomas Martello

Tabula Atra by Scott Arcinegas

Optical Playground / Light and Shadow Dance by Leila Reindak

Kraken’s Nest by Vincent Spohr
The Sea Saw idea was inspired from the common playground see-saw. It’s a timeless piece of equipment that everyone has used, and by creating interactive lighting that responds to the see-saw’s tilt, creates an entirely new dimension of experience. With LEDs running along the see-saw with effects that flow in the direction it’s tilted, it will create an effect of water running down it as if it were effected by gravity. In addition, the programming of the lighting will reward users for going up and down with a good rhythm by the lights increasing in intensity as the rhythm is maintained. This interactive element creates an imaginative experience that gets the participants
to become more immersed in the piece.

Morla by Adrian Gurgen

Painted Photo Booth

Change Machine by Robert Kolb

Chicago Hot Spot Heat Map by Carly Evans

Whole Bee Hive by Ayda Keshtkar

2013 Winner

Shaft and Scroat – an interactive flame effect and naughty darts game.
Here’s the AfterBurn Report.

2012 Winners

“‘Ellipse’ is a room made of mirrors, but it’s not for looking at yourself. Best experienced by two people, one participant stands at each focal point (marked by an X). Each participant is surrounded by images of the other. The effect can be even better if there’s fire or something else special at one focal point…”

The Touchy Duchess

The League of Troubled Souls seeks to create a piece that will achieve a giant flame effect of high aesthetic quality, making it unique in the Great Lakes Region. The Touchy Duchess towers above supplicants, haughtily beseeching them to give her pleasure. She is not amused when participants fail to skillfully manipulate her, and her tongue is as sharp as her metallic visage. Participants who properly co-ordinate their effort, however, are rewarded with a fearsome spray of fire from the top of her head.

Moofi Habitat

2011 Art Grant Recipients

Worrotomo by Molly K.
Here’s some pictures of the Lovely “Worrotomo” aka Molly’s Magical
Timecart. The dates on the photos should be more like 9.1.11. These
are from the day we messed up the time machine function and went to
the playa in February. Molly K –

Monster Wheel Grand Prix by Jeremy Besmer & Beebop

Drawing with Light by Elysia Lock


2010 Art Grant Recipients

Burning Gothic by Tim Krueger

Firewater Rubens Tube by Doug Herlihy

Fungus Humongous by Elysia Lock & Yva Neal
Fungus Humongous is an installation created for Resonate and Burning Man. Will you be one with the fungus or float away like a jellyfish? Participants were invited to relax, play, and draw in this touch- and sound-reactive colossal interactive sculpture.

The Playa Chronicles
Pictures coming soon
Fire Grog Ceramic Studio
Pictures coming soon