Announcing the Chicago Community Grant Program!

Do you have a brilliant idea?  Are you passionate about building community and giving back?  Is being conscious of your environment important to you?

We’ve got some exciting news to announce out to the community.  The Bold Urban Renaissance Network (BURN) in collaboration with Burners Without Borders Chicago (BWB-CHI) is establishing a new granting program that is available now!

Hopefully you already know about our Art Grants program.  (If not click here.)

How the Chicago Community Grant Program differs is that it will support community, civic-minded and direct action oriented projects.  Ideally projects that tackle existing problems by connecting residents, creating collaborations, and utilizing the Burning Man Ten Principles.  This will engage grassroots projects being run in Chicago, by Chicagoans.

Micro-grants can be used for sustainable projects such as neighborhood cleanups, buying supplies to create a mural in the community, helping to fund a community kitchen, and much more!

To learn more and get started, check out the full write up.

Who is eligible to apply?
Projects must be based in Chicago.  Individuals, neighborhood groups, organizations, grass root projects located in Chicago may apply  This includes- but is not limited to- block clubs, art groups, service organizations, citizen parks and recreational organizations, nonprofits, and individuals.

How much can you ask for?
An applicant may request up to $1,000.  The program will be competitive and awards may be less than $1,000 depending on the project.

How does it work?
Interested participants will need to submit their project proposals by June 15th.  The submission form will be released to the public in two weeks.

All projects will be reviewed by the Micro-grant Committee – consisting of two members of Burners Without Borders, one member of Bold Urban Renaissance Network, NFP and one guest judge. Projects will be presented at a salon-style gathering.  Entrance to the salon will be $5, dinner will be provided.  During the salon, four projects will present their ideas to the group.  Applicants must be present to pitch their ideas.  After the presentations, dinner is served and the voting begins.  Each member at the dinner will be able to cast one vote.  The projects with the most votes will receive a portion of the available money.

The salon will be hosted in Pilsen on July 15th.  Mark your calendars now!

If you have any questions please contact

So excited to see this program to come to life!  Can’t wait to create with you!
-The Chicago Community Grant Committee-
Christopher Breedlove, Monica Storch, Maggie Sather