Touchy Dutchess

by The League of Troubled Souls (Kurt cKurt Feuer, Jason Steakhouse Pritchett, Tom Dr. Shoebocks McGee, and Larry Dr. Lar McMann)

Awarded $500

The Touchy Duchess towers above supplicants, haughtily beseeching them to give her pleasure. She is not amused when participants fail to skillfully manipulate her, and her tongue is as sharp as her metallic visage. Participants who properly coordinate their effort, however, are rewarded with a fearsome spray of fire from the top of her head.

The Dutchess will be fabricated from 4’ by 4’ steel sheets stacked in five modular sections for a total height of 20 feet, plus her tiara above the top section. The face, body, and other designs will be cut into the front sections of the steel after programming the dimensions into a CNC plasma cutter for a precise, intricate design. Interior pilot lights to ignite the blasts will also provide ambient lighting to illuminate the design.

Four control panels arrayed before the Dutchess allow participants to push a button and trigger a blast of fire from either a series of six small blasters on her sides or the main blaster at the top of her head. If one button is pushed, only one small blast is triggered. If two buttons are simultaneously pushed, three side blasts will be triggered, and three simultaneous hits will trigger all six side blasters. The order of the blasts will be programmed to vary for each button and each combination of simultaneous hits, prompting the participants to listen to the clues provided in the Dutchess’s rude commentary to coordinate their efforts. When participants succeed in simultaneously hitting all four buttons, the mother load of propane is released from four 20 lb. accumulator tanks at the base of the tower, causing an approximately 40 foot flame plume to erupt from the head of the Dutchess at an angle over the heads of the participants.