Human Avatar Project

by Christopher Breedlove with Tom LaPorte, Stu Smith, Jordan Chabalowski, and Alex Love

Awarded $328

Statement of Purpose:
The HAProject is an experiment in social identity, group dynamic and personality harvesting. The project seeks to capture the ‘Collective Unconscious of the Participant Experience’ by allowing as many participants faces, personalities, and answers be recorded into The Human Avatar Library (HAL) which is then played back in a feedback loop to the very same audience on the face of the Human Avatar.


The HAProject has a two different phases:

  1. Structure: The structure for HAP is a hexiyurt. (10ft radius). Inside of the yurt is a large imac computer which has custom software on it. The computer is build into an ‘art wall’ which provide environment for the participant, as well as shelter for the computer. Only the mouse is available to the participant. The software plays an animation which explains the project, and then signals a small camera on the inside of the yurt to turn on, the participant is able to record their face for entrance into HAL.
  2. These videos are edited, on-site, into small reels. These videos are uploaded into a video player, and then projected from a pico-projector onto the face of The Human Avatar. The Avatar’s face is an ever-changing picture of motion and personality, music comes from the shoulder mounted speakers. The Avtar wanders around the event, looking for the right place and moment for its sighting.