Steering Committee

The B.U.R.N. Steering Committee, a.k.a. the SteeringMan Committee, is a diverse group of leaders with diverse backgrounds, interests and talents.   They are members of various sub-committees which perform tasks such as event planning, communications, business affairs, volunteerism, and fundraising.  They have expanded the base of community involvement and provided opportunities for leadership within the community and beyond.

  • Downtown Dave
  • Keith Privett (aka FlipIt)
  • Mr. Breedlove
  • Mr. Krueger
  • Steve the Ghost
  • Dewa Putra
  • Elysia L.
  • Skorch
  • Ninjalina
  • Richard Kelly aka “Heyu”

The SteeringMan Committee has also developed a series of Subcommittees tasked with fulfilling various roles in the community. A list of our Subcommittees and the contact persons for interested volunteers can be found here.