Art Grants

Have an idea for an art project you want to bring out to Burning Man? An interactive light installation for Resonate? A solar-powered art car that you want to drive around at Lakes of Fire? A lavishly-staged and costumed performance? Short on funds? You’ve arrived at the right place.


Our Spring Art Grant cycle for 2017 is now open (just in time for BURN BURN! among other things) !

The submission deadline for the Spring cycle is 11:59 PM CST,  March 31, 2017.
Awards announced on April 3.

The 2017 Fall Cycle will open in early July and close in early August.
The submission deadline for the Fall cycle is TBD.
Awards announced on TBD.

Even if your project won’t be displayed until Burning Man, or Decompression, there’s no penalty for submitting early.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following (in no particular order):

  • Quality: creativity, interactivity, thoughtfulness, originality, excitement, inspiration, social value
  • Execution: planning, feasibility, safety plan, clean-up plan, budget, time-line, past work, exhibition program

The Committee may ask for additional information or explanation from applicants.

Grant winners will sign a contract stating their intent to:

  • Create the proposed art piece within proposed time frame
  • Present the art as promised in the distribution plan.
  • Present copies of detailed receipts greater than or equal to grant amount within 30 days of final grant award reimbursement.
  • Provide photos and a short follow-up report, as well as sign a release for publicity purposes
  • Return funds if project is not completed or be included on a public “deadbeat list”
  • Include the phrase “Funded in part by the Bold Urban Renaissance Network” on any and all promotional materials
  • (grant winners may have to sign some other paperwork as required by the committee).