Grant Application Sample

Here are the questions you will find on our web application, you can use this page to help prepare your answers, but use the web form at to submit your responses. If you have problems, contact us at and we’ll do our best to help.

a. Title of Project (if applicable):
b. Real Name:
c. Preferred Name or Alias, if any:
d. Mailing Address:
e: Phone Number(s):
f: e-mail address and Website (if relevant to your application)
h: Organization/Collaborator(s), if any:
i. Where will the project be presented? (include all scheduled events of interest to the Chicago Burning Man community and/or outreach on its behalf):
j. What other sources are you also seeking funds from?
___ Black Rock Arts Foundation
___ Burning Man/Black Rock City, LLC
___ Other Burning Man Regional, specifically: ________________________
___ Other Grant Program, specifically: _____________________________
k. If you are not awarded a grant would you like a critique of your application and project?
_____ yes _____ no

2. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE – What you are trying to communicate with your project? What is your mission/philosophy/goal/inspiration… if any? Please keep this short, to the point and less than 500 WORDS. Simple answers are not judged harshly and humor is greatly appreciated.

3. STRUCTURE / APPEARANCE- How will it manifest itself in the physical world?
Discuss materials, dimensions, sound component, and interactivity (if applicable).
Provide sketches or other illustrations if applicable.

4. EXECUTION – Provide a work plan that addresses the following elements:
a. Build Plan: How will you build and install, or otherwise prepare for your project. Include medium/materials collaborators, transport, power, etc. Feel free to include any designs or schematics that will illuminate your build process.

b. Schedule: Provide a pre-event construction schedule that reflects your answers above.
Discuss when materials will be purchased, when stages of construction will be completed, etc. Grants may be distributed in installments related to your schedule. This should include a list of dates and what you hope to accomplish on or by each date. The Committee may use this as a guideline to produce funding milestones.

04/29/10 Materials Day Purchase/Junk for metal
05/07/10 Build day Complete tentacles 1-4 of Octopus
05/14/10 Build Day Complete tentacles 2-8 of Octopus
05/21/10 Build Day Complete head and assemble Octopus
06/07/10 Build/Test Test and integrate tentacle motors
06/14/10 Decorate Add lights and paint Octopus
06/28/10 Transport Setup and display at Lakes of Fire – frighten children – rule world

You get the idea. Show the Committee how you intend to go from design to completion in the time allotted. Spreadsheets are acceptable.

c. Fire Plan: If your project utilizes flame effects, open flame, or will be burned on-site, describe in detail how this will work and how participants and the surrounding area will be protected. Includes names of anyone other than yourself who will be responsible for fire safety.

d. Safety Plan: Consider how else your project could be dangerous and describe in detail how you will prevent these dangers. Is your project large enough to pose a potential danger should it fall or get blown over? Do you have a foul weather plan? Are there any other safety concerns? Flammable materials? Sharp edges?

e. Exit Plan: Describe how the project will be safely removed and Leave No Trace. If it will be presented at multiple events, describe how will it be stored between events and restored for later events.

5: EXPENSE – Provide an itemized budget: list all expenses for material costs and/or transportation of the work outside Chicago. Research your costs carefully and be specific as to quantities and unit costs. Do not list “contingency costs”, “artist’s fee”, or “labor” as this grant is not intended to cover those expenses. We fund material and transport costs only. Please keep in mind that we have a limited amount of funds

a. Total request for purchase/rental of materials: $
b. Total request for freight transport of materials/completed work if any $:
c. Attach itemized budget (See Budget Form for example. Feel free to modify to fit your project’s needs) *IMPORTANT*

6. EXPERIENCE: Describe any past projects that may be of interest when reviewing this application.

7. CLOSING AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Tell us anything else we should know that we didn’t ask about.